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I am at my wits end with this POS.  I have a Foodsaver V2490 for about 3 years and never really got it to work right.  My issues have always never gotten the air out.  I have replaced the gaskets 3 times since that is what the Foodsaver people say is wrong with it.  It seems to blow the gaskets out of the bottom channel most times.    Does anyone have some suggestions?   I did buy it a Cabelas and they have a decent return policy, so I might just take it back and see if they will take it back. 

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What kind of bags are you using? I recently bought a Foodsaver and had a problem from day one using Foodsaver bags getting them to pull a vacuum. I bought some bags from and haven't had one single bag not pull a real tight vacuum. These bags are great and less expensive than the Foodsaver bags.

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And, Lisa B. is a site sponsor too and will give you the best deals too!

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