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Plum good smoked chicken QView

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Smoked 2 lovely chicks yesterday using some freshly acquired yellow plum wood. I must say they were the best tasting yet! Such a fruity taste, and it even gave me a light purple smoke ring! That might be coincidental or exagerrated, dunno which, haha.


Dusted them with some basic rub after a 12 hour Slaughterhouse brine. Smoked them at 275 until breast temp was 150 or so. Finished them on the Weber grill over medium heat to get the crispy skin. I usually go right for the thigh, but now that I prerfer the chickens smoked, I go right for the breast. So tender and moist. Plus the thighs tend to reheat better anyway, gives me something to look forward to!


2012-05-06 17.40.47.jpg


Does anyone else like how the wing flats and tips just tend to 'fall' off the bird at the very end? Makes for a nice secret taste tasting. I've never considered knawing on the wing tips until I started smoking them. They get so much flavor just hanging out there in all the smoke. Wife and kids don't know what they're missing!


Find yourself some plum wood sometime, it's delicious. I also grabbed some pear to try out on my next smoke...

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Nice birds you got there. they look yummy

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Nice looking Chix. Can't say I ever found any Yellow Plum wood , But have used a lot of Fruit wood (Red Plum) , Peach ,Apricot ,Apple and such and I Do , enjoy the flavor too.


Glad you joined us here on the SMF , and hope you enjoy our company enough to stay and share with us , your prowess.


Have fun and...

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Looks great!

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Looks-Great.gif It's been way too long since I smoked a whole birddrool.gif!

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Looks great.drool.gif
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Looks good! I shouldn't look at all these posts when I'm hungry!

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