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Smoked beer can chicken

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Hi guys,



A friend of mine had asked me a while back if i would smoke a few things for him at a gatering at his new house. Well its gone from 25 people to 50....i told him, 5 chickens...10 chickens...what's the difference!


here's my plan, 


Brine the chickens for 3-4hours in a salt/sugar mix


smoked them at 275-300 until 165-170 internal.


lets back up a step, i'm also doing baby back ribs...2-2-1 i was going to smoke the ribs for 2 hours, then put the ribs in the oven wrapped up for 2 hours....then maybe bbq with sauce for 1 hour...


while the ribs were in the oven, i was going to smoke the chicken, i'm guessing it would be 2-2.5 hrs...what happens if the chicken is done before the can keep then warm and moist? wrapped them in tinfoil and place in cooler? 


thanks for any help and suggestions!


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Sbishop , first , welcome1.gifto the forum.


You should be OK on your plan , just make sure you check the Birds , if they see any red, thier done, like My Trish , and you'll get a ( not so good  ) reputation.


Have fun at the party and take some Qview for us to enjoy.


Stan      aka      oldschool

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