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new guy in Las Vegas

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Hello all, I bought my new CharBroil offset smoker on Friday. last night I smoked a small ham with an apricot whiskey glaze. I invited two guys I work with over to try it out. They LOVED it, there was a point where not a word was said except mmm. 

 I am working on a chicken tonight. Its about 5.5 in and 250 deg. 

 My question is how much charcoal are you all using out there? I have used almost 2 bags, does that sound right?

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I don't use charcoal anymore. I strictly use lump which burns hotter and cleaner. More effecient since it also takes less to get the job done....I start about a half of chimney of lump and put it in the middle of my pile of lump mixed with wood, hickory, cherry, oak, apple, what ever you want to use. I put a 1lb coffee can or alike to make a hole in the center of the pile. When the chimney is hot with coals, I remove the coffee can and place the coals in the hole.


Also, If you control the air intake and exhaust you should get a better yield on the coals. Your Charbroil may also need some mods. I'll yield to the Charbroil peeps to chime in...Anyway I also wanted to say welcome to SMF........welcome1.gif

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Hard to say on how much charcoal you'll use.  Each smoker is different, the weather has a big effect, the size of the bag and type of charcoal is also relevant.   I do think you'll be happier with lump.   We cook chicken in the 300 range to help get a crisp skin but if you are just looking for a good smoked chicken the lower temps work well.


Good luck with the smoke and welcome to the forum!

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Hello and welcome to SMF - glad to have you here 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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