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Butts for (belated) Cinco de Mayo :)-

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I had meant for these to be ready for Sat. , however the Boss said to get them after she got off at midnight , so I'm doing them todaywife.gif.


Got two shoulder Picnics (one 12# and one 6# ) for .97/lb. , so it was cheap. Brisket was $2.07 and Flats were $4.59 @ Wally World.


Didn't start them till 10:30 or so..


bbq shots 001.JPG


here they are just seasoned ( with BoneSuckin' Sauce Rub) and placed into Flo's belly to start thier journey to being Tastytexas.gif.


bbq shots 005.JPG

1 Hour in and I poked a probe in the small one ( didn't think I need the other Maverick , since the little one will be done first and I can put the same probe it the bigger on to track it till done).


bbq shots 003.JPG


temps. are doing greatbiggrin.gif


See ya later for updates...have fun and........

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That's a great price; my freezer would be full.

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bbq shots 008.JPG


bbq shots 009.JPG


Here's the final shots of the PP I did for Trish's Nurses. They were in for 12 hrs total and had a marvelous flavor. They set in this all day...


bbq shots 004.JPG


Beautiful TBS...biggrin.gif


bbq shots 006.JPG


and all Hickory this time..small , hot fire . The stick should almost "burst" into flames when added to the FB.This one had been in about three mins. before I remembered to take a shot .


Now , I sit back and at 11:30 or so , I'll be getting all the raves from Trish . I'm thinking there won't be any left over; that's OK , it just gives me a reason to get somne more meat-Heehehehehe. Oh , the little one for us , didn't make it passed 1 day. We licked the bowl on that one the next day.drool.gif


Thanks for looking in and...

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Looks fantastic and I'll bet the nurse's loved and appreciated it!

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Looks good icon14.gif
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