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New smoker from Olympia WA

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Hello yall.


I am a new smoker, or new on my own i have helped others with smoking in the past(been a go get this go get that person for them) but now i am smoking on my own.


So far i have done a low heat Bacon, 4lbs of BuckBoard Bacon, 4lbs of just a simple salt and suger, and 4 lbs of some with a bit of kick to it(peppers(like hot peppers)).  All turned out great

next was a roast done as a brisket took for ever(weather issues) but was great.

and finaly did some cold cheese and nuts.

I will do some ribs tomorrow.


Will post pictures when i do the ribs.

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Welcome to SMF welcome1.gif you'll find lots of great info and ideas on this forum.
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Welcome...glad you joined our group..........welcome1.gif

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 

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As I said, I did ribs today/ and they turned out great.  so with out much further ado here are the pics.


Smoker at burn in, or seasoning.Some of the bacon, not much of a ring, but tons of smoke flavor.the roast done as a brisket, turned out very nice, it was ~5lbs and made many sandwiches.the Ribs at start with just some EVOO, and a sweat/spicy pork rub(not rib rub per-say but it worked)The ribs at start of smoke!in the foil (doing the 321 ribs)and on the plate, yes they turned out great.

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Looks like it turned out great

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Welcome Dagamore! Hope to see lots of things you do. Enjoy.
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welcome1.gif food looks great icon14.gif
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Welcome! welcome1.gifthe weather up here has been an issue say the least


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