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Rib Racks

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I bought a rib rack from  As you can see, it is just a little too big for my smoker.ribrack1.jpgribrack2.jpg

I will probably end up modifying this one with some bolt cutters, but does any one have a good suggestion for a smaller on?  My grill depth is 16 inches.  This rack holds 6 slabs.  I would be fine with one that only held 4 slabs.

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I'm sure I'm missing something completely obvious, but why can't you just orient the rack the other way on the grates?

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I could try that.  My concern was the racks of ribs either being longer than the depth of the grill or too high on the ends and then touching the lid of the smoker.

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Well, if your not using ALL the racks, turn it around and cut the rubs in half. They will fit that way Im sure



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I am trying that as we speak!!

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dont 4 get qview!!!!!

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What exactly does Q View mean?  I see it all over the forum....

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Pictures,biggrin.gif we love to see pictures of whats cooking.

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