Larger Wood Chip Tray

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Just called Masterbuilt customer service to order the free retrokit with the bigger wood chip tray. They're back ordered but it should be sent out in two weeks.


In another thread, someone posted Masterbuilt is redesigning their electric smokers. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Like most any manufacturer of anything, they constantly improve their designs ("the only constant is change").  Market dynamics dictate it.  But, if you'r satisfied with your model, it will serve you well until a major change will have you drooling for the  bigger/better/new improved.

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My wife told me long ago when I was complaining about how quickly my computer and TV are outdated that the only way I can be sure of having the most up to date stuff is to buy it just before I kick off. Not sure it would be worth it, but I'll consider it.