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Full day of smoking - Qview

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I hope I didn't get in over my head here. lol.


smoking 4 pork shoulders. about 9lbs each. Followed by 6racks of ribs. catering for a friends party tomorrow.


plan is to get the shoulders to 165 and then to the oven to finish so i can do the ribs.

and pray the oven doesn't dry out the pork too much.


Any advise along the way would be great. never done this much at once.


here is the pork just put on...



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Foil the pork before putting in the oven and it will stay moist. The bark will be soft however.

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will do. thanks. not much worried about the bark on this one. it will all be pulled for a party and just want it to be moist and tastey.

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You will be fine if you put in the oven wrapped in foil. I have done a few shoulders this way for potlucks at work so I could get enough sleep to still function at the office the next day. 

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so far so good. 2hrs in and internal temp is 100deg. smoking at around 225deg



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and good thing i bought a 10x10 canopy this morning to smoke under...rain just came...

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I have finish in the oven few times. I didn't wrap them and came out with a nice bark on them.
I put mine in a pan to catch all the juice from the butts then defat the juice and pour it back into
The Pulled pork.
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Make sure you only set your oven to 215 or so and Foil.  I like to just drop mine into a foil pan, then cover that pan with foil an into the oven.  So the Butt sits right in is't own juices.  Yes the bark is soft, but when pulling it will still look and taste good. 

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thanks, Guys.


5hrs in, internal temp at 150. smoker staying around 230.



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I've cheated pretty frequently for catering events, if you want the bark just foil 3 or the 4 once it's all mixed together you'll get a little bit of "bark" in almost every helping.

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1 is in the cooler about ready to pull...2 in the oven about to 205....the fourth is still on the smoker stalled at 149internal temp. Going great really. Got to get these 6 racks of ribs on soon though. Bout do for an hour nap. Lol
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Awesome James. Wow, I've not done large amounts of meat yet. I've found that I need a bigger smoker just doing 2 racks of ribs. Good luck, and keep the QView coming, looking great so far.

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here is the first finished pork, ready to pull. Just put the ribs on.


Gonna pull this and take a little nap.



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Your butts look awesome and should be fine for pulling.

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Thanks. it was soooo tender and easy to pull. you could just squeez it and the fibers would seperate.


all in all it took 24 1/2 hours to smoke everything. whew. i need another smoker so i can cook ribs and butts at the same time for large smokes like this one.


here is a shot of the ribs.


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Looks like you did a great job.

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Looks good and glad it was successful!

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Nice work.  Looking beautiful.


Question: if you're finishing butts in the oven and worried about drying it out, is there a reason you couldn't put a water pan in the oven like you'd do in the smoker?  Seems like this would work just fine, but I've never tried finishing in an oven.

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good job thumb1.gif

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thanks all.

i don't put a water pan in the smoker. i just spray with apple juice once an hour.

and did again before putting in the oven wrapped twice in aluminum foil. they did not get dry at all. when i took out of oven and opened up there was a ton of moisture.

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