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Hey from Gladstone, Mo

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Keep ending up on this site.  Seems to be the best info on smoking and grilling.  I'm Mike, 51 and have been using a Char-broil vertical smoker for about 2 years.  Really getting into it.  Smoke alot of meats during the week, sometimes the weekends and let the neighbors give me their opinion...sense their sniffers are driving them they say!  :)   My wife, dog and extended family between here and Tennessee really enjoy ribs and chicken.  I keep looking for yet a newer smoker, however I'm unsure if I want to get a horizontal type..but I for sure want to get another vertical.  Anyone know of a great smoker of this type?  Brand?  I have thought about a trailer type, however it would probably stay in my backyard for the most part.  Mine is not stable enough to move to another location.  Its not real thick metal..maybe 1/16".  But it does hold the heat steady at 200-225F.  


So just wanted to say hi.  I've never done any competition, however a lot of people say I should.  I'm not much for crowds.   Anyone else near KC or nearby have get togethers?  


I still have lots to learn, but having a blast doing so.  



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welcome1.gif to SMF
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Hello Mike and welcome1.gifto SMF - Glad to have you here 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location

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Welcome  its nice to have ya.. There is lots to learn  and great people to learn from.. Have fun and Happy smoking.. BBQ UP

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Hello Mike and welcome1.gif to SMF!

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Thanks for the welcomes...really nice place and I can almost smell the wood smokin' and the meats cookin' :)

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