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Deer Sausage and sticks / Q-view

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   Made three different kinds of sausage this weekend Hunters, Polish, and country and some beef sticks. We picked up a different grinder , after going threw it we thought we would try it out. We used the grinder for stuffing also , worked good but it regrindes the meat more then I would like, so I think I'm going back to the stuffer. I have a few pic of grinding and a few of my old smoker. Everything turned out vary good . Hope you enjoy the Q-View.

4-28 015.JPG

4-28 014.JPG

4-28 017.JPG

Vary happy with the grinder , made short work out of grinding

4-28 018.JPG

Ground pork

4-28 022.JPG

10 Lbs Ground chuck for sticks

4-28 024.JPG

Fran helping with mixing meat

4-28 025.JPG

All mixed up

4-28 027.JPG

4-28 029.JPG

Ready for the cooler overnight.

4-28 030.JPG

On the racks for smoking

4-28 032.JPG

Made my smoker out of a old pop cooler about 15 yrs ago still working great

4-28 033.JPG

Controls for the smoker , Its kinda old school now . the chamber fan and smoke box fan are dimmer switches, smoke box burner is on a 15 min timer.

4-28 035.JPG

Thermostat to control the chamber heat.

4-28 037.JPG

Just using a briquet's starter to get the dust started to smoke.

4-28 041.JPG

4-28 040.JPG

the smoker will fit about 90 lbs easy.

4-28 043.JPG

After smoking,cold shower,and cool down , to the vac packer

4-28 044.JPG

A few days later had to try some more.

4-28 047.JPG

I love it when everything turns out as planed.

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  Looks like you've got it going on! Nice smoker build.




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Love the smoker,just love it.So its got a electric element? Pretty hefty grinder you got as  well.

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Nice sausage and NIce smoker!!!

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D, does that have anyplace for the smoke to vent out of it.  Thanks for sharing.

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Looks great...............icon14.gif



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The food looks great, but I love that smoker.  Good job on both.

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Thanks guys,  There seems to be some interest in my smoker, thought I would give a few more details about it. I think if I were to build another one I would go to a 220 instead of 110 , my first intention was to make it portable so i could move it just outside the garage door, as that is  where I do most of my processing. It turns out that when it cools down in the later fall I have some trouble keeping the heat up in the smoker. I made it with a 1500 watt element and kept the original cabnet fan in place and put it on a dimmer switch to control air flow this work very well because I can use this as a type of  dehydrator for drying down jerky and sausage before it is smoked. So now I put the smoker inside and vent it outside with an old chimney that was in the building .Actually I like this alot better , its nice to be in where its warm in the middle of the winter when we are making our little meat treasures. We also put a small fan on a dimmer switch for the smoke box a controlable damper type deal . The wheels on the back are junk , definitely have to change that. The smoke chamber works good but with the new ideas out there on smoke generators there might be a better way to set that up. I was a bit concerned about the glass but it has not been a problem at all , its nice to look in and see how things are going without opening the door. We never seem to have the temp much over 200 degrees . I can say we are vary happy with the smoker it has smoked alot of meat over the years.






I made a small 10 lbs batch of beef sticks but forgot the pics, they didn,t last long Kids love them

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Hey, very nice pictures of your sausage processing and equipment. Nice grinder.

I have been using an electric smoker indoors as well. It certainly makes it less of a chore checking the status of a batch when its January, and -5 F outdoors!

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Great job! Love the smoker

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I like the bmx / bike tires! haha that's great. You may be onto something.. a moving vending machine full of smoked foods for sale. 

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