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Charlie Cook Book

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                    “A Veteran Salute to Tabasco”


In all wars some American companies have came forward and tried to make life litter better for the Troops. During the Vietnam War Tabasco was such a company. Millions of bottles were shipped to our American Troops free of charge.

Although mess halls were available and the Army said at least one hot meal a day would be provided it didn’t always work out that way. So we would eat C-Rations. With a bottle of Tabasco and a Charlie Cook Book (which they provided) some tasty meals were created.


                 “How to cook C-Rations in the field”

As in all cooking you need heat. So we would roll up marble size ball of C-4 Plastic Explosive and light it with your Zippo. It would heat fast and the light could be easily concealed. This was good because the last thing you wanted was a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) to land in your hole while making dinner. Open up your Charlie Cook Book and get started.

Your bottle of Tabasco would come in a water tight camouflage container wrapped with a Charlie Cook Book. The container was great to store some of your awwww personal items in.




                    “Charlie Cook Book”
























This post is dedicated to my friend, SP4 Rollin Davis – RTO (Radio Operator) Rifle Platoon HHC 196th Light Infantry Bdg - KIA – 05/04/1968 – At Camp Evans, Thua Thien Province, South Vietnam. The man was a wiz at cooking C-Rations and made the best hot chocolate I have ever had. RIP BROTHER.          

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That is awesome! I was just a kid in the early 70's but can appreciate what was going on. Had a whole bunch of Uncles overseasand heard many stories of Brave American Soldiers...JJ

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Phil, morning....  Thanks for sharing.....    Dave

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When I told my son about using Tabasco (actually, we got Louisiana Hot Sauce, more dangerous than incoming fire) on our C-Rat's during the "Vietnam conflict", he told me that while he was stationed in Korea in the 90's, they still used Tabasco because MRE's hadn't improved the dietary offering.


Everyone who's been there can easily identify that mysterious looking tool in the picture:  The lifesaving P-38.  The Brits have one that's similar but much larger and easier to handle.  We use to hang the P-38 on our dog tag chain (that's why there's a hole drilled in the top of it) and soon learned to tape it closed, otherwise, because they easily flopped open, you'd not like the consequences if you had to dive for cover.


Thanks for this article.



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Thanks for a great post! Yep there was a time, I saw C rations and then the first MREs when the ex was active duty-they still a tiny bottle of Tabasco in them! And NWDave, I still have a couple P-38, one in the camper and in the atvs!

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Thank you all for your post--Knew this would bring out few of u old vets---Not many know what a p-38 is--Friend of mine will never forget he got slapped in face by bar girl with open p-38--

Wonder what he told his wife and kids where that scar came from lololol Anyway to all you veterans past and present it was a experience we will never forget---Thanks brothers catch you on the flip side

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And best wishes to you too Phil.

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