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Howdy from Texas!!

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Howdy from Texas....I am Nelson Reynolds, a recently retired USAF fighter pilot/T-38C instructor pilot here in Del Rio, TX (Laughlin AFB).  I am currently a T-6 simulator instructor teaching the basics to the future USAF and NATO student pilots.


I am just now getting into the BBQ scene so I would consider myself a beginner at this.  I smoked my first whole hog this past weekend and believe it or turned out fantastic!! 


My goal here is to meet folks, hear their stories, and learn all I can from the best.


I look forward to hearing from you guys!





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Welcome, Nelson to SMF!  Congratulations on your whole hog smoke!  What did you use to smoke it with, and did you get any Qview (pictures)?  Although it will take a number of posts before you can post pics automatically, we'd love to see your equipment and processes!  Never hesitate to ask questions, that's what we're here for.  Look at the different forums, we have a lot of information to offer!  Thank you again for joining!  Please post your location in your profile also!

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Well welcome to SMF and thank you for your service! Now on to the big question...any pics of the whole hog?

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Welcome to SMF this site is loaded with all the info you will ever need!


And like the y said we like pix!!!

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welcome to SMF welcome1.gif lots of great info here, love to see pics Qview of the whole pig smoke.

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Nelson,  WELCOME.


Please let us look over your shoulder via sending lots of photos! 


TONS of people eager to help, and provide support of all kinds.  THere ais a great search mechanism, easy to use, filled with information.






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Hello Nelson and welcome1.gifto SMF - thank you for your service - really nice to have you here. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your smoker  

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Welcome  its nice to have ya.. There is lots to learn  and great people to learn from.. Have fun and Happy smoking.. BBQ UP

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