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New Smoker in NC

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Hey Yall,


My name is Jason, I live in southeastern North Carolina. I purchased my first smoker on a whim from Bass Pro Shops in 2005. My wife and I were at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca-Cola 600 that weekend and we happened to stop at BPS that Memorial Day and thats where it all began. BPS had a one day sale on their smokers ($22 - half off), I couldn't resist. After several unsuccessful attempts the smoker went into storage. In the fall of 2007 I did some research and took the smoker back out, I haven't turned back since. My brother and I smoked some picnics and boston butts for Christmas that year and they were a hit! Since then we've learned how to use our smokers I've smoked everything from seafood, beef, pork, poultry and even fruits and vegetables. Last New Year's Eve I got the "final" smoke out of my BPS smoker. The fire bowl has seen better days! This past April I decided to buy myself a new grill for my birthday. I have not had a grill for 2 years now. I don't consider our Holland a grill, its an outdoor oven on wheels with side shelves! I had been using my smoker for a grill with great success. My loving wife talked me into purchasing a Brinkmann Trail Master Limited Edition from Home Depot. I found some useful mods on this site and after sealing the cracks with RTV and curing the grill I'm really impressed. I have built myself a charcoal basket for the firebox and I'm currently making a drip pan for the cooking chamber. I have only "put fire" to the grill 3 times and I'm learning how to regulate the heat each time (this thing runs HOT!). My first use was to smoke a london broil and some ABT's. Second was 3 boston butts and more ABT's. The last time was just yesterday, whole chicken, cocktail weinies wrapped in bacon and vidalia onions. I have become completely enthralled with the BBQ world!!! I have "perfected" my own seasoning, I'm working on my Carolina style sauce and next will be my injection. My hopes are to "perfect" my seasonings, sauces and injections and to enter some competitions. I'm also in the process of cleaning and building a 100 gallon tank smoker. Its all a work in progress since I'm new to the smoking world and most of my time is devoted to my 6 month old son Braxton. I have to thank my wife Mandy, she is understanding and extremely honest about my cooking. I rely heavily on her feedback since she is always by my side. I hope to share many stories and experiences with yall in the future.


Happy Smokin' Yall,



Acts 10:13 - "Arise, Kill & Eat"

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welcome1.gif Nice to have you with us. We love pics here. Especially when people build stuff. Have you joined our NC Smokers group yet?

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Welcome to SMF....I started out with an old ECB...It was actually an Mr. Meat Smoker which was bought by Brinkman years ago. They are great bullet style smokers to learn...I still have mine at the cabin and use it in a pinch....Again.....welcome1.gif

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Howdy, Jason!

Good to hear from another Tar Heel. I was born and bred in Raleigh - back when it was the ideal place to live - when Andy used to get the corner room at the "Y".

Are you in Wilmington? Got a brother in Clinton.

Welcome to SMF!
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Hello Jason and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 

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Welcome to SMF welcome1.gif lots of great stuff here.

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welcome1.gif to SMF Jason!

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