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Rick in Northern Indiana

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Hello!  I've lurked a little bit on here recently, so I thought I would create an account and introduce myself. I'm Rick, currently living in Northern Indiana. I found a good deal on a Char Griller Duo grill last year (around $200) and have used it a little. My idea had always been to buy the side fire box to add to it and make it a smoker, but I finally just got around to making that purchase.


I haven't added it to the grill yet, because I'm waiting on Char Griller to send me the proper spacers for this grill body. In the mean time, I've seasoned the cast iron grates in my oven, built a charcoal basket out of some expanded metal and steel picture hanging wire from Home Depot, and bought (but not yet installed) an extension for the chimney on the main grill. I have some more things to do as time permits, like trying to seal around the lid of the main smoker to keep the smoke in.


I have very little experience smoking meat or other food. Just what I've done with my friend in his Char-Griller setup and a little bit in his electric smoker. I'm really excited to get cracking on it, though, and I look forward to all the good ideas and input on here.


If anyone can point me to a good source of information on using the Minion method in a 12x12x6 charcoal basket for a horizontal offset smoker like I'll have, I would love to read more. Plus anything else that might be especially helpful for a noob.


Nice to meet everyone!


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welcome1.gif to SMF
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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF  


Here is a link to lots of info on the minion method

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Welcome to SMF Rick,  look forward to reading your posts.

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Welcome to our family of smokers....glad you are here with us...........welcome1.gif

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Hello Rick! welcome1.gif

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