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TrueCue in Mississippi

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62 year old male, with the love of cooking.  just finished my sons cooker that is way to big..... he wants a backwoods style rib cabinet cooker he can mount on a tandem trailer and have me build it,,,, I love fabrication so it will be something i will enjoy... i'll start a new thread in a couple of weeks when i get started and give a very detailed build... i will be putting a traeger pellet hopper on 1 side an a auto feed charcoal hopper on the other, water pan , reverse flow, and a guru at plan is for a 30 in wide x 48 in tall x 24 deep...Here is a picture of my last build.......10.5 ft long cookersgrill 003.jpggrill 004.jpg

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welcome1.gif to SMF.
that a great looking smoker !
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Does it pull ok?  

post #4 of 6 that is a smoker....Lets have a party.............biggrin.gif

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please update location in profile ;)

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