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New To Forum Announcement

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Hello All,


Just thought I would drop a welcome to everyone here. Been reading through here for a few days now, and finally decided to join. Little bit about me:


From Seattle, not the best bbq weather, but a little rain never slows everyone down.


Experience: Relatively new. Had a smoker for a while now. Its a side box charcoal/wood smoker. Done a couple briskets, a couple pork shoulders, and just (literally just) pulled off a batch of ABT's (which were delicious). Ive got some Country style ribs cooking now also.


Anyway, look forward to discovering the wide world of smoking/grilling these forums seem to offer. Chat with everyone soon!



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Welcome ,Soda , We hope you get to calling this Home biggrin.gif . We have a LOT of info. , so hold on to your Panties and soak-up some of the ideas , then jump in with both feet and have a


I too burn wood (I don;t like Charcoal), and have a post ongoing with Chicken , tomorrow , then Friday I'll do some Butt.


Keep on doing your thing and next time , shoot us some Q-view , remember the Rules.gif...




have fun and...

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welcome1.gif to SMF
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Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you join us!

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Welcome to our site...glad you are here.........welcome1.gif....oldschoolbbq is right about the...........Rules.gif

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF 

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Welcome.  if you are doing good smoked meats on a small sidecar/offset  you are already an accomplished smoker.  That type of smoker is difficult to master!

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So since people mentioned "No Pics, Didnt Happen" Rule, so here are some results from yesterday:


First off: ABT's with cheddar and bacon. (nothing fancy, as it was my first time)


ABTs (First Try) 2012-05-01.jpg


Country Style Ribs:

Rubbed with Cinnamon, Paprika, brown sugar, salt, and garlic powder, finished with Sweet Baby Ray's Original Sauce


Country Style Ribs and Sweet potato 2012-05-01.jpg


All smoked using Fresh Apple Tree trimmings (Golden Delicious if it makes a difference) and charcoal. Temp approx 250, time 3 hours, 20 minutes.


(the foil is a sweet potato that I cooked for 2 hours un-wrapped, remaining time wrapped).





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All looks like good eating to me!

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welcome1.gif I have an SFB smoker too so if you have any questions just ask. Your food looks great. Love the name too. Is that a real soda?

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@alelover: Nope. Its the nick-name my friends and I developed for beer. ;-)

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