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President Visit

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Last week a couple military heavies flew into SHHI Airport with the presidents motor pool. He was doing a visit to FT Stewart.


The ATC Manager & supervisors got a coin from the AF1 Support crew.












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That's a really cool memento! On whichever side of the aisle you happen to sit, the process of making way for the Commander in Chief is absolutely fascinating. I've lived in/around  DC for most of my life and always get a thrill when I see the President's motorcade or see Marine One flying overhead. I always wave. The number of fingers involved in the wave is of course dependent entirely upon who happens to be the lead passenger at the time. biggrin.gif

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That's pretty cool.

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Those are very cool indeed 

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Reading this, I thought you were going to say that you invited him for some of your famous smoked ribs.  first.gif


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prety cool...........

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