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Question for You Weber Kettle Owners

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Except for the little Smokey Joe grill that I have had for years (and am in the processing of making into a Smoker Joe, with a tamale steamer), I have no experience of Weber grills. A couple of days ago, I was searching craigslist for another SJS and found a full sized Weber (don't know if its 18 or 22 inch) but it was only $25; so I sent my son-in-law to look at it and buy it if its not abused.

Here are my questions: Can I go wrong with a Weber Kettle at that price in either size?

In the photo above, there is a pic of the 22" Weber Called a One-Touch Gold that I copied from another page on this site. I think the cylinder protruding below the kettle is where there is some charcoal handling features that make it a One-Touch. Is this same grill made in both 18 and 22 inch models? The pic of the one I sent SIL after has the cylinder.

I will be please regardless of the size as it will be bigger than the SJS that I've been using for years. The larger size will give me more control over heat and cooking and it will let me commit the SJS to a mini-WSM. I'm taking pics and planning a long post on my adaptation of the IMUSA tamale steamer and mods to the SJS. When I'm further along, I'll get the story together and post it.

Thanks for listening. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programs now in progress. bluesbros.gif
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$25 is good deal.. usually i see the silvers going for $35-$50 used.. that cylinder collects the ashes.. its on the gold series but not the silver series....

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If it is in good shape, $25 is a steal.


I have used both and prefer the 22.5 because of its versatility.  It uses a little more fuel, but it is worth it to me even though there are only two of us in the house.


You won't go wrong with a Weber kettle that is in good shape.


Good luck and good smoking.

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If its not rusted out its a good deal. I my self have been hunting for a cheap used Weber charcoal grill. Here the gold 22.5" is $150 and the silver is $100 new. I have read if you get a silver without the ash pan cylinder you can order 1 and attach it to a silver, not sure of the cost. Also I think Home Depot or Lowes sells new cooking grates for them.





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Just got a text from SIL. Grill is a 22" Gold complete with cover. Says it needs to be cleaned of dust but metal is sound and grate and grill are in great shape. He apologized for having to pay the full $25 that the guy was asking.

AND . . . while I was a Academy Sports today looking for a second grill for my SJS, they had the quarter circle thingies for shrimp and other small stuff on clearance for $4.99.

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I picked my first kettle out of the trash< best score to date. Bought another one and threw out the gas grill. for 25$ id have mine and that one for sure.

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You stole that Weber!  When you buy a Weber, you aren't just buying a grill, but a cooking system as well.


Get to know it and you will love it.  Mine still gets more work than my smoker for non smoked items.  Actually, I use the Weber a lot for cold smoking.


Good luck and good smoking.



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Thanks, Merv!

I thought the kettle was an 18" and sort of run of the mill Weber and even at that, the price looked real good. My SIL (only been in the family since 1 Jan) is a damn good cl seller and shopper and he lives very near where the lister does. I asked him to give the guy a call and go look at it and buy it if it was OK. When he let me know he had it, he told me it was a 22" in very good shape but needs cleaning. I was surprised that it has a cover. That wasn't in the cl listing.

Funny thing is I was cruising cl for a SJS to pick up an extra cooking grill for maybe $10. Getting a 22" OTG for 2 and half times that probably makes me a felon.

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I picked up my 22.5" One Touch Gold for $25 on craigslist also. It was in great shape, but I bought a replacement top grill anyway. The Weber is the most versatile unit I own, in my opinion. I've grilled steaks & burgers, and also smoked some fabulous pork butts, chicken, and ribs on it. At my place, it can hold a steady 230*-250* for over 4 hours, outdoor temp around 40*, and a steady 5-10mph wind. That really says something.

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$25 for a weber kettle is a steal, grab it. I use mine all the time can't be beat for steaks. I have used it with my AMNPS to cold smoke cheese. best $25 you'll spend

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You stole it for sure - now get the hang of it and you will be smoking up some great Q.  It is all I have here on the island and it turns out some great things with little effort. Congrats!




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Man, you STOLE that grill!  I had to pay $85 for my 22.5" silver, and that was after looking on CL for weeks, if not a couple months.  I still think I got a fair deal, but $25 for an old beat-up kettle is what I had in mind when I started looking.  Oh well.

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In my case, I got it from a GI who was being shipped out shortly. He asked me to take good care of it, and I have.

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