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Best way to complete this smoke

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I am trying to figure out how to do this. I have an electric bradley smoker that automatically feeds the wood biscuits every twenty minutes.  I am suppose to smoke a boston butt for pulled pork for a cookout at work on thurday.  I was thinking about putting it on when I get home on wed at around 4 but it will have to be off at 7 the next morning when I have to leave for work.  I am worried if I hit any stalls it may not get done in time.  So I was thinking about putting it on wed morning before work and letting it smoke all day while I am at work then I can foil it when I get home then it should be done wed night and I can let it rest for a few hours before pulling it then just reheat it on the grill at work to serve.  What do yall recommend?  I will also be doing two chickens as well but they can be done wed night as they wont take as long. 

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You should be fine starting at 4:00... that gives you a full 15 hrs. If you foil them at 165° they will definately finish up with a few hours to spare. Once they are done just put them in a towel lined cooler and they will keep hot for up to 6-8 hrs. If you are keeping them in the cooler for over 6 hrs. I suggest you pull the shoulders off when the internal temps hit 190°, they will continue to cook a bit in the cooler so by pulling them at 190° they wont turn mushy.

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I believe most people consider 2 hours per lb when smoking at the 225 - 240 range. You should be fine like JlRodriguez says as long as you have no problems.  Personally I would start it in the morning, that way if something goes wrong you have a bit of play time.  You can always put it in the oven if you have to.  Leave it wrapped in foil and just heat the next day as needed.

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sounds good guess I will get it rubbed down tonight and put it on first thing in the morning then it should be ready to be foiled when I get home tom afternoon.  Then cook to 200 and let it rest for a couple hours then pull and reheat tom on the grill.  how long will it take to reheat I am thinking of putting it on one side of the grill with the opposite side lit I am thinkin a couple hours maybe. 

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If you have a crock pot, slow cooker, or warmer that would help.   We do "food day" at work occasionally and I keep a crock pot under my desk at work ( to keep from carrying it home). Takes a while to heat up, but by lunchtime it's ready.  Works like a charm.  Originally people thought I was "off", now they try to borrow it.  Go figure. . . . .

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