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Hey... Famous Dave.............You da-man...I like your sweet and Sassy sauce...and your Dave's burger is the best darn hamburger in the land....My pulled pork is better


I couldn't reist the temptation...biggrin.gif.................Any how, welcome. It will be fun having you on here with us....welcome1.gif...Looking forward to the days ahead....439.gif

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hey there! welcome to a great site.


you sound like a great guy and the food is great too.

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Cool beans welcome1.gif to SMF Dave. I LOVE the devils spit sauce and my wife LOVES your sweet and sassy, I have even mixed the 2 and that was GREAT. Again welcome1.gif to SMF and I look forward to your future posts. 

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Hey Famous Dave Welcom To the Fourm!

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Welcome to the SMF Family Famous Dave. I too would love to see pictures of your aquarium smoker.

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Welcome to SMF! Hope you find it as hospitable as the rest of us do!

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Welcome to the forum, Dave!! It is truly an honor to have you here and I look forward to seeing that aquarium smoker of yours as well as the rest of your awesome collection. I have a collection of various smokers and grills too but I think yours might be bigger than mine at the moment..  I am getting there though one smoker at a timebiggrin.gif


Happy to have you and look forward to some of your backyard qview soon!



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Great to have you on board Dave.  It is an Honor to be able to post to you.

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Welcome! My fiance and I are in the process of lining up one of your restaurants to cater our wedding reception in September. Can't wait!
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welcome1.gif  Nice to meet you Famous Dave!! 

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welcome famous dave.


 there is a famous daves restaurant where i live now (amarillo, tx) there are some serious quality control issues which i am sure depend on what day you go. I have been twice to your restaurant, your meat is pretty good. Not a fan of your fiance' and I always bring my sauce into the restaurant (the second and only time we went) Main Issues I am refering to are Ribs: I ordered ribs that werent even DE-FELTED! cooked about right good flavor they just still had the felt on them...when i pointed it out to the waitress she told me "they are supposed to come like that, that is the pork skin!" really?!!! sorry i know im only 29 years old but have been bbq'n since i was 18 religiously!!! fiance received brisket that was WAY to fatty! I am sure your bbq is awesome (in person) i know its hard for quality control issues when you have a big are a very successful cook and i respect you ALOT! would be interesting to see you on undercover boss and go to the amarillo location. just sayin' until then my plan is to give you a run for your money here in 7-10 years! Thanks a bunch dave for listening to me, hope i dont come across as a jerk, it just erks me when employees dont take BBQ as serious as me!

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Welcome to the forums... but having my doubts
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Welcome Dave!  Give a heads up when you are going to be at your Annapolis store!  We can "smoke em if you got em".

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Howdy Famous Dave!

Don't know anything about your places, but I grew up in NC eatin' bbq at least once a week. I love it!! I'm just getting into making my own smoke. Too busy makin' a livin' and stayin' outa jail when I was younger, but when you get to be my age nobody believes you can do anything bad.

Welcome to SMF. welcome1.gif

(not famous, rabbithutch)
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Welcome, is an honor

Can't wait to swap smoking stories and learn from your advice!

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Hello Dave we are from the same neck of the woods, go to Idabel often, use to go to the Wagon Wheel in the younger and roudy days.

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