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Spare Ribs, ABTs, Corn, Baked beans (Qview)

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My wife is leaving for training today and I decided to send her off with a good last home made meal. Started at 830 am and we ate at 3. Its my first time trimming spare ribs, first time making baked beans from scratch, and first time doing the 3-2-1 method. Soaked the beans over night before starting to cook them. Trimmed the ribs and rubbed them the night before. Had to do everything in shifts because of space limitations. Iv been telling my wife that i needed a bigger smoker for awhile and I think I finally am getting through to her. They were the hottest ABTs we ever ate and we like eating really spicy food. was very strange.




Before the Trim


Trimmed Up


Goodies. I messed up and didnt cut low enough the first time so had to trim it again.


Smoker filled with meat.


ABTs filled with cream cheese, rub, and mixed mexican cheese.


Ribs before being foiled and spritzed with apple juice.


Some bearview of goodies


More extra goodies.


Beans And some Kielbasa


Finished Ribs and ABTs. Used Turkey bacon instead of regular bacon and no fat cream cheese to go with the wifes diet.


Smoked Kielbasa for a bean soup Im making.




Corn on the grill.


Completed Plate. sorry no bear view on the finished ribs I needed to eat.

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Very nice!

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drool.gifGreat Lookin Eats!!! I cant think of a better homeade send off meal than that!

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Looks-Great.gif Job well done!

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Originally Posted by Hooligan8403 View Post

Completed Plate. sorry no bear view on the finished ribs I needed to eat.


Don't blame you, that's a heck of an effort! I'm sure the wife was pretty happy with that meal and won't be able to wait to have it again.


I've learned/tested with ABT's and other appetizers, you can get away with fat free CC or reduced fat, especially if you have other cheeses with it. 


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Yeah we haven't had a lot of issues with substituting things. She was very happy with it. Rotating things of the smoker and planning the different parts of the meal around that little smoker is starting to get painful.

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Very nice 2thumbs.gif



Thanks for the Qview

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Looks like you turned out a great meal. Well done!




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Good eats. The beans look incredible.

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All looks great. drool.gif
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Man that is one fine looking spread you did for your wife. It looks like everything turned out delicious.drool.gif

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Looks really good from here.. drool.gif

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Look's good, I love the use of multiple units. I have 3 my self,they all have diff uses, food looks good, Next time  you cook just remember, I'M always hungry.  Keep it up, GOOD JOB,

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