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Last weekends CSR with Q-view

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I finely have some time to post up the CSR I smoked last weekend as promised. 


I slathered the ribs with my mustard slather and added some rub I had in the cupboard. Let them sit while I got the smoker ready. They were smoked in the 225- 250 range, to An IT of 160. They were then pulled wrapped in foil and rested, while the remainder of the dinner was made. Total smoke time was 5 1/2 hours. I used my AMNSP as the smoke source with hickory and apple pellets. I fought the AMNSP as stated in another post. The ribs turned out GREAT I got a better smoke flavor using the AMNSP, then the chunks and chips I normally use, even with the problems I had. No pics of the prep but we all know what mustard slather and rub looks like. I didn't spritz as normal as I was out of cider vinegar and apple juice.  I was worried they may be dryer then normal, but they were not dry at all, not quite as moist but yet moist. The mustard slather also set up better without spritzing. They did lack the slight whiskey flavor from the spritz, but were still GOOD. I got thumbs up from all, so I say even with the problems it was a successful smoke.                                        Without further ado here is the Q-view




2 hours in when I probed them



12 CSR fresh off the smoker



My plate, after I had had a few bites



Close up of the ribs, see how moist they are, and a nice smoke ring



All in all the Smoke turned out GREAT. 

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Them look mighty tasty. Great job!
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Now I'm hungry! Looks great!

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