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First shot, how'd I do?

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This is my first time smoking anything, ever. Brined last night and used Jeff's recipe today.


MES 30


Decided to put in small batches of Apple chips which allowed me to watch the flow more frequently and keep a nice smoke stream going. Picked 260 deg because I wanted to be creative. Might go a bit lower in temp, but that's TBD.

First shot chicken

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Looks great! I think your temp was good. I usually go higher with poultry since it does not really benefit from low and slow. Smoke on!
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LOOKS GOOD !!!icon14.gif

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Good lookin bird. Nice job. icon14.gif
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I usually go higher, but that bird looks good!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks great, I also use higher temps on chicken

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Looks like good color. You may choose to crank the MES for crisper skin next time...JJ

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Looks great! icon14.gif

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   Jeff's rub is AWESOME on poultry! That looks great!




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Thanks to this ENTIRE community, I lurked through and read as much as I could.

My entire family has now requested a multitude of meats based solely on how good this chicken turned out.... oh boy the pressure is on now. Pork shoulder is next.....


I really appreciate all the information I was able to dig up on here.... I can't thank you all enough.

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From the look of the Chicken , you should do well with the Pork Butt.


I'm doing some today, and post later...   take it low and slow , be patient and it'll turn our greatdrool.gif


Oh, and  welcome1.gif to the bunch .


Stan   aka   oldschool

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Looks great! Like the others have hinted at, don't be afraid to crank the heat for chicken. I'll keep my smoker over 275 and up to 290 if it feels like going that high that day. Chicken isn't the best "low and slow" meat, but takes on plenty of smokey awesomeness in the few hours it takes to cook at higher temps. Which brine did you use?

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That's a nice looking bird! Great job! From the looks of the bird, you should do fine with a pork butt (this is your low and slow biggrin.gif).


If you haven't don't forget to check your smoker temperature, MES is notorious for being off.

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Nice Job!

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Since this was my first time smoking anything, I followed Jeff's recipes to the detail. Soaked it for 4 hours in his brine recipe.... A friend of mine said that if I didn't mind a pure salt and sugar style, I could go with an ethnic chicken (kosher?). However, they're like $3 bucks a pound!!! Either way, it turned out great and tasted ... outstanding. My next try is the pork butt.


I'll keep the temp in mind as I go...


Thanks for all the feedback.

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Congrats on your first smoke - you are hooked now 

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Originally Posted by jrod62 View Post

LOOKS GOOD !!!icon14.gif



Beautiful job!

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