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Going Nuts Trying to Find Posts re: Smoking Salmon in an MES

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Although it might be that I'm suffering from CRS, I'm having a devil of a time finding posts that I KNOW I've read before but cannot navigate back to them. I don't remember which forum they were posted in (I usually read New Posts and don't always remember where they are posted). Using advanced search I get either too many and cannot find what I'm looking for despite scrolling through them, or I get nothing. I used "smoked salmon" "smoking salmon" "salmon MES" "MES salmon" and got nothing. I even remembered that one of the posts was made by Alesia and I tried searching on that user name but she must only use that in her signature because I couldn't find anything under "Alesia" (but, then, I might not be spelling it right, either).

So, with hat in hand and apologies for the paucity of my search fu, I humbly beseech the assembled for the favor of helping me find how-tos and recipes for salmon smoking in an MES. I would like to know about prep, marinades or other treatments (like lemon quarters on the fish while smoking), smoker temps, wood pellet selection (AMNPS - alder?), foil pan-foil or bare rack, smoke time, any intervention steps while smoking, any other advice you'd like to give me.

Sorry for wasting bandwidth with questions that have been answered so many times before, but I just cannot find those posts.



ps: If there is a dumb geezer smiley, I can't find that either. icon_question.gif
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The search function sucks, try this in Google.... site: salmon mes
Of course you can change "salmon mes" to whatever you want as well as use advanced search functions.

Here's the first thread that comes up:

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Many ways to smoke salmon.


I brine for just a couple hours, then leave it in the fridge to form the tacky surface called a pelicle (?spelling), this helps hold the smoke to the fillet.  Then smoke with a light wood (I use Alder).  I just go until it flakes

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Hey Rabbit this is probably what you are looking for. It is recent, has a link to Alesia Smoked Salmon in her MES and my Salmon Spread recipes. Hope this helps, if not the link IronHorse posted is very good and was also done in a MES...JJ

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