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First Smoke (Weekend Long Qview)

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Just making this thread for those who love the Qview.  I'm going to be doing three smoke sessions over the weekend.  Two 6 pound pork butts today (was one 12 pound butt, but the butcher cut it in half), 5 racks of ribs tomorrow, and 2 whole chickens on Sunday.


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Well let's get this party started!popcorn.gifcheers.gif

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Heres all my meat.  I got it all form Fleishers (www.fleishers.com)  They sell only organic, pasture fed meat.




Here's the butts




And the Butts rubbed!




I put em on the smoker about 2 hours ago.  Gonna make some of Dutch's wicked beans to put underneath em!  There will be more to follow as the weekend progresses!

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I tried to post some pictures but it said the post is being held for moderation since im a newbie.  So hopefully they will be up soon.

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I did something similar the first time I smoked.  Live posting gave me something to do during the long process.  I think people enjoyed it.




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Well since the pictures didnt come up yet, heres links to em


This is all the meat.  I purchased it from fleishers (www.fleishers.com)  All organic and grass fed, pretty tasty stuff.  Only thing thats misisng is the chickens, pick those up saturday




Heres the butts




And the butts all rubbed





Been on the smoker for about 2 and a half hours now, temps at 110 and 126




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Looking good so far fivealive. icon14.gif Keep posting the Qveiw, the Mods will approve them as soon as they can.

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Great!  I'll have more pictures right before i wrap em up when they hit 165.


Looks like the smaller butt plateaued at 142, hasn't moved in about 20 minutes, even dropped a degree at one point.  The larger butt is up to 132.  They've been on the smoker a little over 3 hours now.  Smoker is staying at a steady 225-230 degrees.  Smells fantastic!

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Originally Posted by fivealive View Post
Looks like the smaller butt plateaued at 142, hasn't moved in about 20 minutes,


Hold strong.  It might sit on this plateau for over an hour.  Resist the urge to freak out and it will again rise.

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I was wrong on the plateau.  They both plateaued at 157, sat there for over an hour each.  Smaller one finished about 30 minutes ago, big one is at 195.  Will have pictures soon!

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cheers.gifStill hangin in there!

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Butts are both done and the big ones been in the cooler for 30 minutes.  Beans are done and deeeelicious (thanks dutch!).  In 30 minutes I'll be taking pictures and pullin the pork!

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Welcome to our family biggrin.gif. Your first Q-view looks really nice and will no doubt be delicious drool.gif


Your new Obsession will cause an increase in new Friends beercheer.gif , but that only leads to more Parties which means your Social life will now be filled... no-more Boring Holidays. ROTF.gif


Keep on sending those q-views and ask all the questions you like ,we haven't found a Dumb one yet. cool.gif


And show is your favorite Equipment -




Here's two of my favorite girls...;}-


have fun and..................

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Everything was so delicious.  Successful first day of smoking.  Some of the pictures didn't come out so good, but here they are anyways!



Dutch's wicked beans!




Butts all done

















Time to relax with a good glass of bourbon.  Be back tomorrow with ribs!

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Looking like your having a party.............beercheer.gifI'm in.............sausage.gif

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I posted pictures of the finished product last night, but they don't look like they got approved.  I just finished prepping the ribs, they will be hitting the smoker in 30 minutes.  Will post those pictures right after this, hopefully they get approved.

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Just keep posting the pictures they'll get approved soon.

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Looks good! Just keep the pics coming they'll get here.
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The ribs are done, and I had to tear people away from them to save a rack for the father in law.  That was the best meat I have ever cooked, I would not change a thing.  The best part is, I put sauce out for em, and noone used any.  Pictures will follow.

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Ribs de-membraned and de-skirted




Smoking snacks!








Finished product pics coming shortly!

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