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Wild Turkey

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Well last night decided to put the wild turkey breast I got from my bird I shot friday on the smoker.  Did a 12 hour brine in brown sugar and salt.  Then rubbed it down with some of my pork rub(Definately not Ideal for poultry) but it was ok it would have been perfect with a good poultry rub I just havent found one and got it tweaked just right yet and didnt have time to mix one up so I just used some of my pork rub I had leftover from ribs a few weeks ago.  Wrapped in bacon and on the bradley smoker.  Smoked right at 3 hours till 165 then pulled off and wrapped in foil for 30 minutes sliced and enjoyed.  The meat was perfectly tender and juicy If I had just put a better rub on it would have been fantastic. Also I have never been able to get that beautiful smoke ring eveyone else gets on their meat.  I got a little bit of one on this I am thinking because I left the vent on top closed up more.  I had been keeping it open but thought I would try it closed as it was windy and sucking some heat from the smoker anyways.   But here is some Q view for ya.


Before the smoker while getting it nestled into its bacon blanket



and then fresh off the smoker about to be wrapped in foil






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Sounds good but your photo links don't work. I'd love to see it cause I have a Spring turkey license here and will be back hunting again tomorrow.

You can attach them to your post by clicking the icon I have outlined in red and following the pop ups. Hope this helps

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think its fixed now

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Great looking qview Big P, now we just need the money shot-all plated up and ready to eat!





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Looks fantastic...any sliced pics? LOL

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Nice, I'm getting an itchy trigger finger!

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sorry guys no sliced pics.  Once I started slicing all I could think about was stuffing my face.  Only ate one last night so gonna try reheating the other tonight and see if I can get some sliced pics.

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Looking Good, Big!   I think I saw on another post of yours, you are using an electric smoker, you won't get a smoke ring on electric, but it won't affect the flavor and by the looks of that bird who really cares about a smoke ring!

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Somebody explained the chemical process that produces the pink smoke ring in a thread I started a while back.  I don't remember the particulars of it, but here's my best explanation of why you don't get a smoke ring with electrical smokers:


Blah blah blah blah blah chemistry chemistry chemistry nitric something or other blah blah blah.


I might have missed a detail or two, but I think that's the important part.

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Nitric oxide from the burned wood interacts with the myoglobin producing the smoke ring.

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