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Bigpuddin43 Checkin in

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Hey everyone been reading and trying things from this site for about a month and figured it was time to get on and post some Qview so everyone check out the poultry section here in a bit I will get some pics up of the wild turkey breast I smoked last night. 


I am from central Kentucky and love cooking as long as its outside.  I would rather be out on the grill or checking on the smoker in sub zero weather than inside cooking.  Anyways I have an electric bradley smoker that I love but cant wait till me and the wife get around to getting our own land and build a house cause I want a built in smoker and grill I have it all figured out in my mind now just need all the money to get everything done, but the bradley does a pretty good job.


I have some rocking ribs that all my buddys rave about and had a decent try at pulled pork but my element went out on my smoker so had to finish in the oven but it turned out ok.  Gonna try it again for derby weekend I think.  love the pork shots by the way they dont last long when my buddies are around. 


Basically I love hunting, fishing, and smokin meat. 

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Hey Big P, welcome to the SMF Family, glad to see you join our ranks.  We have a number of watt-burners here that may be able to help you trouble shoot you element problem.  It could be something as simple as corroded wire lugs where it connects to the element. If the element is shot, you might be able to replace it.


Looking forward seeing your qview.


Enjoy the smoke.

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Element is fixed now called bradley and they sent me a new one right away.  easy replacement

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Good morning BigP and welcome to SMF! Lots to smoke when you hunt and fish! There's lots of great helpful folks and loads of info.

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Hello BigP and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you with us - be sure to take some qview of the next smoke and post it for us 

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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like they took care of you quickly enough. Good to know,

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Welcome..........hunting, fishing and smoking meat.....priceless....thumb1%20copy.gif

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welcome1.gif to SMF
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