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First Pork Butt On Masterbuilt XL Propane - Heavy Q-View

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Hi everybody,


I usually post in the beef section. Usually doing beef briskets. Wife wanted something different so I am doing a Pork Butt. Not the first time doing one but it is the first time doing one on this smoker.


Wife bought one at HEB.. It was 9.72 lbs at $1.00 a lb bone in.. Thought that was cheap enough to try one..


I was seasoning it while the wife was cutting up the point of the brisket that I did on Saturday.. Dang she has me doing all night smokes 2 nights a week.. Wondering if she is trying to tell me something.. lol


I season my briskets with sea salt & coarse black pepper. A lot of pepper.. I decided to do something different..


I first coated the butt in yellow mustard. Then I retrieved my stash of Jeff's Rub from the Deep Freeze.. It was still fresh as the day I mixed it.. I then coated the butt in his rub.. If you haven't tried this rub I recommend that you do..


I am preheating the smoker as I type this.. Thanks for reading & I will post the pics below.




First the label.. Gotta show what we paid.. lol




It looked good at the store..




After rinsing...






Kinda of smeared it all over.. Hopefully the rub will now stick to the meat..






The rub is freshly applied..






The mustard has now had the chance to get some moisture into the rub.. I will post more as the night goes on..


Again thanks for reading..



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Looks fine so far! Yum ... drool.gif

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Looks good like it is! 


I'll be back for the rest....have fun!

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Looking good so far!

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Well after 21 hours 45 minutes we pulled the butt at 202*.. Family was getting hungry.. We let it rest on the kitchen island for a hour before pulling.


We always smoke without wrapping the meat.. We know this adds some time but we like the bark this way..


It was very good after using Jeff's Rub.. I would do it again.. We made sandwiches with hamburger buns, chopped onions, pickles & spicy BBQ sauce.. Extra Good... drool.gif


Here are the pics from last night..








The meat was pulled back from the bone.. A couple of twists & it pulled right out..




Here is some of the meat.. Just enough for dinner.




As you can see there is alot of meat left.. My wife pulled the rest of it after dinner & filled up 2 more big bowls..


I will do another.. Maybe not as big.. It was a bear to get done..



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PP looks great drool.gif
Great price ! Only $1 lbs
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Wow! almost 22hrs...That shows some great dedication and the results sure look worth I have to wipe the drool off my key board drool.gif

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Thanks for the kind words. It was even better the next day. I had sandwiches yesterday for lunch & just might do that again today it was so good..


Thanks for looking..



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