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Smoking in Alberta, Canada

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Hey guys, just joined up although I've been lingering around the board since I bought my smoker/grill.   Picked up a large big green egg about a month ago and I'm having all kinds of fun smoking stuff with it.   Actually finishing up an all night packer brisket smoke this afternoon.   Really loving the big green egg..




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welcome1.gif Lots of info and recipes on the forum!!

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Welcome to SMF! We love pics of your smokes so don't forget us! LOL I started my first 16 lb brisket this morning and will be posting soon! 

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Welcome...You will love your Kamado cooker. I really like the way you can control temperature...439.gif

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Hello Chaps 1980 and welcome1.gif SMF 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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Howdy Chaps and welcome to the site!

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No Problem  And thanks everyone.

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