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Greetings from SW Pa.

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  Hello everyone!  Just joined the SMF and wanted to pop in and introduce myself.  I've been smoking meats (ribs and brisket) for some years now.  Started with the good ol' Brinkman Smokn' Grill, followed by a Coleman charcoal grill, then moved up to the Brinkman Smokepit.  Never got into cold smoking even though it always sounded intriguing, just never felt the urge to do it.  I also brew my own beer, nothing like enjoying a good homemade "barley pop" while smoking some meat.  The reason why I joined the forum is that I got ahold of a commercial refrigerator and was doing some research on how to convert it to a electric smoker and I came across this site.  I'll post pics in the other forum. Was a nice surpirse to see all the information available on this site.  Looking forward to taking advantage of it to increase my BBQ/Smoking skills.  Yunz guys can call me Dan or whatever else you want, I'll respond to pretty much anything. 

  Take care and I'll be talking to eveyone soon enough.

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Hello and welcome1.gif to SMF 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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Welcome to SMF..........welcome1.gif

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Welcome to SMF!

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Welcome Dan, from the opposite side of the keystone island! Cheers! Good luck with the fridge smoker..
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Thanks for the welcomes, looking forward to talking it up with everyone. Happy smokn'!

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