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Kudos to Jeff

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Our host is a helluva nice guy!


I've had several reasons to PM him - reasons that have nothing to do with the forum or him - and each has brought a prompt, courteous, cordial and generous reply!



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Yeah......he's alright I guess. lol


Edit: BTW, I don't know Jeff and the few times that I did talk with him in a few threads, he seemed like a nice and friendly person. I'm sure he is a nice I agree! biggrin.gif

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Hey he started this place for all of us...I'd say he's okay! Thanks Jeff!

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Other than the fact this site has cost me a lot of money, I agree....


In the last six months I haven't went scuba diving, played golf, went boating or went off-roading in my jeep.

But I can say....we sure have been eating good lately!

Also, he gave us this site:


Now I can get hooked on another forum!

Thanks also to Todd, Pops, Smokin' Al, Bear, etc...oh, and Eli May and Cowgir!

You guys rock!


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Originally Posted by Whittling Chip View Post

Other than the fact this site has cost me a lot of money, I agree....


Same here.... but I'm lovin' it! 

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I'll drink to that............beercheer.gif

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I met Jeff at the 2012 NFL Gathering and will concur that he is a Great Guy! Just a down to earth man with a great idea and the drive to make it happen. Thanks for all you have done Jeff!




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