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Busy Sausage Weekend with QView

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It was time to refill the freezer.

This was a bunch of firsts for me this weekend.

10 lbs of loose ground breakfast sausage using a Lem Kit.  Delicious. No Photo. 


3lb of Hi Mountain Snack sticks.  My wife's request.  These were very good.  They and other flavors will likely be a regular for her.



A corned beef smoked into pastrami. Coated with ground pickling spice and cracked black pepper.



7 1/2lb of Jalepeno Sausages.  

Sorry, Not many true measurements.

1 TB Guadillo Pepper (spelling is close.)

1 TB Cayenne Pepper

1 Head of Garlic

some Basil, Sage and Oregano.

about 15 pickled Jalapeno slices

1oz of balsamic vinegar

6 oz of Ice Water.

They tasted great but didn't give me the heat I was hoping for, but I forgot paprika.  Next time more pepper, add the paprika and I will also add some juice from the Jalapeno jar to replace some of the water.  I have used the jalapeno pickle juice before and it adds a nice touch.




All of these were smoked with with cherry chips in my MES 40.  My first cherry smoke. It turns out I love it for Pastrami and Sausage.

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Dang I need to send you my address for some samples - awesome 

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Looks good and for the extra heat, the jalapeno juice sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm making brats and kielbasa today if nothing gets me sidetracked!

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Lookin Great!!! Love to see those freezers getting filled!

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paprika wont give you heat.......If your looking for heat in sausage I use cayenne only which you used. Some cayenne pepper brands are different from eachother If you use a bargain brand they dont seem to work well.........just a heads up



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Thanks all for the encouragement.   Since it was an experimental batch I went prettylight on the pepper to get to know the base flavor, but do know about the cayenne differences.  A friends mother used to send it to her from Arizona, what a difference.  I was thinking paprika for color.  Want to make a "Red Hot"


Even mild they are a bit too hot for the Mrs., so I have to eat them all by myself or be good at sharing.  No problem finding volunteers.

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Sounds like a good times to me! Nice job!

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