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Died Easter Hard boiled Eggs and ABTs (Q-View)

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Just getting around to posting this but thought the wife did a great job.


Hard boiled Eggs

Cut in half

Remove yoke,

Soak egg whites in water & food coloring for an hour

Mix yoke with mayonnaise, relish, dry mustard, and sprinkled with old bay

Refill hard boiled eggs


Died hard boiled eggs



And typical ABTs (halfed jalapenos, filled with cream cheese and cheddar, wrapped in bacon. Smoked for 2 hours at 225)

ABTs and Easter hard boiled eggs


Sorry I'm late with this post but I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.

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those look pretty cool-thanks for posting

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Looks like you had a colorful Easter 

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The eggs are so colorful and what a great idea!!! Abts look mighty good too. Try cold smoking the hard cooked eggs then make deviled...they are awesome!

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