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Spare Ribs, Beef Short Ribs, and ABT'S

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I smoked a rack of Spares, 4 beef short ribs and some ABT'S today. This time a rubbed mustard on them instead of olive oil and applied my rub. I also smoked the trimmings from the spares this time instead of saving it for beans etc. Put olive oil on them and Everglades seasoning.  Smoked at 225* with hickory. I put the Beef short ribs on for an hour before the spares (3-2-1) then put the Spares on for a 2-2-1. 2 hours before the end of smoke, I added the ABT's. We had a few meatballs left over, so we mashed them up and stuffed the jalapenos with it and added some cheese, wrapped with bacon. 


Ready to go.



Short ribs ready for trimming.



Spare ribs all trimmed up.



Short ribs trimmed, removed all the fat and hard stuff off the top.



Put the mustard on.



Rub applied after mustard.



Short ribs on first, alone for an hour.



Added the spare ribs and the trimmings.



ABT'S ready to go on.



Ribs wrapped in foil, ABT'S added



Ribs coming out of foil.



Ribs back on for an hour.



Here it is all done, ribs look a little dry, but they were juicy on the inside.








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You had fun , it looks likebiggrin.gif. Everything looks great ,wish I were there helping you eat it drool.gif.


have fun and...

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Good lookin' spread!

Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like some good eating!

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Very good looking chow!

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