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This sounds amazing gonna try them tomorrow. Anyone got any tips for removing the silk?

I don't shuck my corn. I soak it in salt water for an hour or so. I actually use Jonny's seasoning salt. If you have smoked it long enough the silk is pretty much gone. What little is left is so soft you won't hardly notice it. I find I don't even need butter is ends up so good and sweet.

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Originally Posted by timberjet View Post

Fried corn on the cob?
Corn on the cob is much better fried 😉

Oh lord, yes! Fresh cob, brined in the shuck overnight, shucked, rinsed and dried, then lightly, LIGHTLY, battered (like almost none at all) dropped into a fryer long enough to "fry" up the batter but leaving the kernel almost raw so it retains the crisp/crunch/natural sweetness, immediately drizzle a blend 1 to 1 blend of butter melted & a wildflower honey and serve! 😉
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I will have to try that some time. I could probably talk my mom into doing this. I don't fry stuff but she does. We have Walla Walla sweet onions in season right now here that make the best onion rings ever. I think the folks have some sturgeon as well. could be an idea for this afternoon.

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My wife was told of a trick and we tried it and it worked. If you put the corn , husk, silk and all, in the microwave for 3 - 4 minutes, everything just slides right off and you can do what you want with it. We wrap it in tin foil with butter, parmesan and rosemary to grill. Cut it off the cob and put in a pan with cream, butter, salt and pepper. or smoke it. At any rate I thought I'd pass it along, it really works well.
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Smoker or BBQ - my favorite ways to cook corn since covering it with coals in the ground isn't too practical for me.  I will say I quit soaking it a few years back and haven't noticed much difference other than its less work and no water drips on my hot coals.. I do pull the silt off the top and buy it fresh - I don't buy anything that has dried out husks.

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It's Labor Day weekend. Albertson's has sweet corn on the cob on sale and I have a plan.


Remove the Silk but leave some of the husks on and slather the ears in garlic oil. Salt an pepper


Use some applewood pellets to cold smoke the corn with a tube smoker inside my Masterbuilt for about an hour.


Then, throw it on the grill with my Chili Lime Chicken fillets for about 12 min on direct heat to put some grill marks on the corn.


Remove the husks.  Butter them and throw them in the microwave for about 2 1/2 min.


Butter them again and serve... with lime juice on the side.


Geez... Smoky, sweet, juicy. They're still talking about that corn this morning.... Best ever...

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