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Greetings from Alaska

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Howdy ya'll. My name is Chris and I currently reside in Alaska. I recently retired from the military and now call this beautiful place home.

A good buddy of mine is a serious BBQ chef and competitor. I see how much fun he has and enjoy all the wonderful food he creates on the grill and smoker. So, I figured it was high time I graduated from burning the occasional steak, burgers and chicken and get as serious about cooking BBQ as I am about eating it! From the looks of things around the forum and site; I think hanging out with you fine folks will be a good step in the right direction.


Semper Fi,



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Welcome aboard the SMF Moparman1222!! Lots of great info, recipes, and ideas here for your reading pleasure as well as a friendly and helpful group to answer all your questions. Enjoy your stay.



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Hello Chris and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 

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Welcome to SMF!

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Welcome Aboard!!!!Alaska would be a place id give my left leg too hunt:)

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