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New guy from Salt Lake City

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I gave my self a early Birthday Present of a Smoke Vault 24 this weekend after lurking here for several months. Yesterday I seasoned it with a 3 hour run of hickory and a slight mist of oil.


Today I smoked two beer can chickens and about 10 thighs with great results for a first go at it. Everything was very moist and had a nice mild flavor. I used a 50/50 mix of hickory and apple chips and straight apple juice in the water pan.


Things I will do different next time, I want a bit more kick out of my rub then the Spade L Ranch that I used, and I think I will inject to get a bit more flavor as getting the rub under the skin with out tearing it with my big paws is hard to do! I also think I'm going to do a combo of chunks and chips.


I want to thank all the members of this sight, you inspired me to take up yet another form of cooking!

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Welcome to SMF Bob.......... Glad you had success on your first go at it. Will be looking forward to some Qveiw on your next run...



Happy birthday



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Welcome aboard the SMF BobKomar!! Lots of great info, recipes, and ideas here for your reading pleasure as well as a friendly and helpful group to answer all your questions. Enjoy your stay.




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Hello Bob and welcome1.gifto SMF - looking forward to seeing some qview in the future 

Happy Birthday

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Welcome to SMF and Happy Birthday!

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