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Chamber Door Help?

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Is there a formula on how big to make door on cooking chamber. I have a 20 inch X 54inch pipe should i go with two doors or one and how big should they be.Thanks this is going to be my first build i didnt even know about RF until this site and i am hooked it seems like the  only way to go. The pit cal. is a little hard for me to understand so any help would be good thanks.


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No, there is no hard and fast number. However, make your doors big enough to maximize your amount of cooking space.

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ok thanks

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Easymoney, evening....   In the calculator, top left... "cylinder" cook chamber... input 20 x 54 for the dimensions, and everything else follows...

there are several folks, more qualified than I on RF builds, that will be along to answer any other questions you may have....  In the mean time.... hang in there and take pics of your build for all to see.....

glad you found this forum... great folks willing to share their expertise on anything.... feel free to ask.... enjoy the long smokey ride ...



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