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Chicken tender wraps (Q-View)

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This morning I smoked a pork roast for 4-1/2 hours and it turned out great, but it was raining here in western pa.

so I decided to make something else as well. I took  my favorite wing sauce poured it over some chicken tenders

and let them soak for maybe 15 minutes. Then I wrapped them in our favorite thick sliced bacon and put them on

a cookie sheet. Put in smoker and smoked for about 1-1/2 hours until meat temp. reached 175. Took them out and

shared with our neighbors. Thought they were pretty good for just throwing them together at the last minute. Kermit

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Can't go wrong with Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo Wing Marinade/Sauce. Love what you did with the bacon.

Thanks for posting.


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Those look really good! What's the heat level of that sauce?

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The heat level on the wing sauce is just hot enough that when you are finished eating

your lips tingle for a minute or two afterwards. Its really pretty mild but the taste is very

good. My wife eats a spoonful of it everytime I use it. But we have been eating hot stuff

for years.  Kermit

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Yea I like my wings hot, I like Franks Hot Sauce and Franks Hot Buffalo Sauce but would like to try something new. Might have to look for the SBR's. Thanks!

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