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Hello From Raleigh NC...

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Originally from upstate New York and was introduced to Texas smoked cooking in 1989 while in Austin TX for 10 years,...just LOVED IT.. moved to Raleigh in 1999. I have only done smoking in Gas grills with wood chips, low, but mostly direct heat..I just purchased a used Char Griller 1224 Pro Smoker, and I am dying to learn the art of REAL indirect heat smoking. I have a great Weber propane for my "grilling".

I found several useful articles on making modifications to the 1224 that make it even better...thank you ! I look forward to reading, learning and participating in these forums..



Tom Schaffer

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Welcome to the SMF Family...You will have a lot more fun with your Char Griller...JJ

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Hello Tom and welcome1.gif to SMF 

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Welcome to SMF Tom, Nice to have another NC Smoker on board. You should join our NC Smokers group.


I know its short notice but there is a gathering planned this weekend here in NC. Hope you can make it......



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welcome1.gif I will have my Chargriller going next weekend. Come on down and we will show you real smoking. I don't think I have the "art" quite perfected but I'm working on it.

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Welcome to SMF its nice to have you.... What part of UP State where u from?

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