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Saturday Q-Fest

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When I crank up the smoker on the weekends, I try to get as much done as possible.  Preferably, after I finish I have Saturday lunch, dinner, Sunday lunch and dinner and some meat left for the week at work.  I think I accomplished that today...3 racks of spares, working on a glaze with instructions from ECTO1 for Saturday dinner.  2 chicken halves (practicing my Texas comp chicken), some Zummo sausage links (if your from our part of Texas, you'll know the name Zummo),  some chicken breasts, 2 stuffed chicken breasts: 1 with smoked sausage inside wrapped in bacon and the other with ham and cheese inside wrapped in bacon, some burgers and a pan of dirty rice and a pan of diced potatoes.  All going good, chicken, rice and potatoes are off and being eaten for lunch, ribs get foil in 45 minutes.  Thanks for looking.



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Looks absolutely delicious.  Wish I lived closer!

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Thought I smelled something good, in the air .... looks great!! Looks-Great.gif

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I love to see a full smoker and yours is looking Great! That chicken looks scrumptious! 

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I like it...........grilling_smilie.gif

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Wow that looks great - send me a plate 

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Great looking spread.

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