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Vacuum Pack Devices

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After searching and reading quite a few threads, I haven't yet found any information about which vacuum packing machines are good and which are to be avoided.  The wife used to have one but it must be packed up somewhere because we can't lay hands on it.  I want to smoke some cheese and some fish.  I understand that both of these foods should be vacuum sealed . . .   cheeses to let them age for a couple of weeks and fish to preserve their flavor (close?).  I looked at Amazon today and bought an inexpensive vacuum sealer

(Deni 1331 Freshlock Vacuum Sealer).  Now I'm wondering if I poured money down a rat hole.


While I'm at it, what about the bags that have a sealing hole where you pump out the air?  Will they serve adequately?




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I'm not familiar with that one but if you want some good bags at a great price get them from Vacuum Sealers Unlimited.

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