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New from Chicago

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Hey all...was tipped to check this site out from my vtx forums. Looking forward to learning a lot here. Smoked my first pork butt last year on my Weber grill and know I need to do a lot more this year.

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Welcome this place is loaded with info and people willing to answer all your questions!!


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welcome1.gif allot of good info here and friendly people with good advice to share.


are a north side or south side

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 what is the vtx forums

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Hello Mike and welcome1.gifto SMF 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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Originally Posted by cdldriver View Post

 what is the vtx forums is a site for Honda VTX owners.

And I am SW of the city. Joliet to be more accurate.
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Welcome to the site!grilling_smilie.gif

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