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Where Do You Guys Buy Expanded Metal? - Page 2

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FWIW, the post above is spot on about using the SKU to find the correct gauge metal at HD. It comes in a 24" square and is generally located by the sheet metal/welding section. You may have to search for it yourself as with all HD store help, YMMV.


I used:


Model 801427
Store SKU # 474649
Internet/Catalog # 204225784



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I realize this is an older thread, but I'm looking to build a campfire grill using expanded metal and would like some advice. Do you think going with something robust, like 9#, is it overkill? Would like something strong that can support lots of food, including possible lots of meat and/or cast iron cookware.


Here is a particular nice looking 9# 3/4 sheet that I found, but it ain't cheap:$smthumb$


Also was going to build the frame out of the steel angles you can find at home depot. I presume these will be susceptible to rust, but any issues with high temperatures?




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I have bought expanded metal on several occasions from Grainger . They are good to work with and very helpful. Looking at the site that you posted, I am wondering why you would want to spend the extra money to buy stainless metal. I haven't had any trouble with the plain finish. The #9 is a good strength, especially since you are going to be putting pots, etc. on it as well as meat.
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Mcnichols. Google them. You'll have to call to get a price, but I cannot imagine how Grainger can compete with them.

Or.... call a local steel fabricator and ask them for a price to sell you what you want. If he says "I don't sell raw material.", then just ask him where he buys it.
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Is that HD stuff safe, I.E. not galvanized or cad/chrome plated? It just says in the specs "Finish Family Silver Metallic". Ive seen it in the store and it has a shiny look to it. Im needing to build a new charcoal grate for my modded H2o smoker and want to be sure. Please advise & THANKS in advance!



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3/4 #9 expanded metal

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I used for 3/4 expanded stainless and stainless angle used for my cooking grates. Best price over ebay etc. and fast reasonable shipping

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My relatives from finland found the greatest metal sheets to change an old grill bottom
As i remember they bought it there
Some advices about US opportunities?

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