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Sauce Question - I'm a newbie..

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So, my fiance and myself have a pretty good homemade dry rub that we use for our ribs.  It has some heat and some sweetness to it, but I'm looking to change it up a little bit for this weekend. 


I figured since I will be outside all day Saturday, I might as well smoke up some ribs, but I want to make a sauce.  The base of this sauce is going to be Red Stag Black Cherry Whiskey.  However, with my limited experience, I am unsure how to go about this.


I'm assuming I need some tomato base (ketchup?), some mustand, probably some brown sugar, a little spice to it but I'm not sure what else.  This is going to be more of a mop sauce for the last hour, so I am not looking for a thick, pasty sauce.  Any input?

Oh, I promise, PROMISE, Q-view afterwards!

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Try 2C Ketchup, 1/4C Whiskey, 1/4C Mustard,1T Your Rub, 2T Brown Sugar and 2T Vinegar or Lemon Juice. Mix and bring to a simmer to cook out alcohol. Then taste and adjust Salt, Sweet, Tang or add Heat (Cayenne) as desired. If it is too thick add water or Apple Juice to thin...JJ

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Will do, thank ya sir!  I was hoping you would chime in!

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You could always try Jeff's sauce. It is very good!



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