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Moving along

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All my equipement purchases completed for getting started.  MES 40, Maverick thermo, and AMNPS. 

smokejunkie and I kicked some beers back and let this thing season.  have my thermos boil and ice batch checked and got an idea of the difference from the maverick to the built in mes temp reading.


smoker stuff.jpgsmoker seasoning.jpg

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Congrats on the new toys and you'll be well into your addiction in no time!

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veritas, morning....  Looks good....  Almost ready for some meat or cheese or something....    Take pics of the food for all to see....

I'm in...  popcorn.gif.....    Dave

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I'm sitting here right now trying to decide what and how to do first in this thing.

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veritas, try a fattie.....    Pork sausage flattened and rolled around your favorite stuffing... ie. grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms etc... then wrapped in bacon and smoked... 

Lots of things can go into a fattie...   Dave

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Very Nice ...Your going to love it!...JJ


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Thanks guys!  I have been looking at those fattys dave and they just looks dangerously delicious!  I may try a beer can chicken.  To many choices not enough know how!


Maybe I could pull off a chicken with a fatty above it? run em both at 250 and then crisp the chicken on the grill.

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Decided on making 2 fattys and some sausage.  Will post it up with some q view in the appropriate place later today!

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Tried to post a big post with lots of pics in the fatties section but somehow i have insufficient privileges or some such thing.

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veritas, your pics are in jail temporarily.... they are being screened for spam content.... stand by... holding your breath may not be advisable...  us old folks are a little slow at times...  Dave

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Ah no problem.  Wasn't sure what the issue was but that can make sense.

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Somebody's been paying attention to the posts....

Lookin' Good So Far




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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