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ET Thermo question

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I know the ET series therms have 2 probes. One for the food and other for the smoker.


Has anyone ever used both probes for food with out using o ne for the  smoker temp?


I dont think you would be able to set the HI LOW but on one of the probes. Im just curious.


Im about to pull trigger on one myself!!!!!!!



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 I asked Todd about this beause he is a dealer. He told me you can use both inputs to monitor meat IT but you need 2 Meat Probes. It is my understanding that the Smoker Temp probe is not designed to be stuck in a piece of meat and may give an inaccurate reading. Additional Meat probes are available from Todd and are not that expensive...JJ

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Here are the operating instructions for you!

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Yeah I could see 2 probes...Thanks guys..


Im printting off the PDF as I type.


Thanks so much!!

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