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alright yall. i made some of the oads to my char grill duo that you guys suggested. fantastic. just fantastic. 

i was able to really control the temp for the first time. i used a diffeent thermometer than the built in and found out the built in was running WAY hot.  

these ribs and chickens came out so wonderfuly.  my vegitarian wife just ate half a rack.


many thanks! Many many thanks!

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A good smoke should be able to convert any green eater back to eating more like a person and a little less like a rabbit. Any pics?
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i will have to get pics next time. these ribs went way to fast. all i could show you now is clean bones.

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Congrats on a successful smoke!

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Excellent. An accurate thermometer is critical as you just learned.  It's always good to bring a plant murderer back from the dark side. jk.gif

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If only that was all it took!

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

It's always good to bring a plant murderer back from the dark side. jk.gif



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Now that happens alot around here. Specially when how good the food is. You'll have to be fast and forceful nock folks out of the way some maybe you'll have to knock down.......Stand your ground take the pictures (Q-View) and runnnnnnnn........... Just kidding but you do have to get the folks to move out of the way for the pictures......Remember all good food has to REST

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