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Master Forge flare ups

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It doesn't matter how much "my little red cup" and I prepare the wood. Wet or dry, chips, chunks, chopped, etc... I was getting flare ups.  I solved the problem by moving everything up one rack and by doing that 2 things happened,


1) I raised the wood above the flame no more flare   

2) I lost a cooking rack. hit.gif

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Are you referring to the double door propane smoker here? I am having the same problem with mine. Doesn't seem to matter if I got the flame full or low, the wood in my smoker pan eventually catches fire and shoots the flame out the two air vents on the sides. With you moving the smoker pan up one spot, are you still able to get smoke from the unit and how much longer is it taking to get there.
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Yes the double door smoker.  No flare ups, the temp is constant now, I really didn't pay attention to how much longer it took for the smoke, I'm just glad I got rid of the flare ups.

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I had the same problem, and solved it by moving the water pan up and chip box up one rack.  Even with full flame I could not hold temp, so I cut the two side grease deflectors off the side of the inside of the newer version of this thing....Originally I could'nt hold 230 on a 70 degree's 50 in light rain today and at half throttle i'm holding 235.  I'll deal with a little extra clean up, plus i don't think the original version of this smoker had the grease deflectors in it from what I have read.  I'm running water in the pan, have'nt had time to go get the sand yet....We shall see how this sirloin tip roast turns out.



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oh btw, I use "stubbs" chips right now soaked for 30 minutes and wrapped in foil with 3 slits through the pouch in the wood great...takes a little longer to start smoking, but you get the smell right away, and it seems to hold a steady visible thin blue smoke for a few hours after they get going.

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How many positions do you guys have in the lower section then? I have the original version and if I move my woodchip box up one position, it will be where my water pan is now, then my water pan will be in the upper section. Maybe I will need to drill some more holds about a half inch up to move my woodchip box up.
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Lower section is woodchip box and water pan, but now my water pan is in the upper section well... which is a trade off for the constant temp I'm getting without flareups...  

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Allrighty then. I will have to try this method out for my next smoke, maybe some beer can chicken tomorrow or Saturday.
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